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buffalo chicken wraps w/ a twist {and is it football season yet?!}

2 Jul

these were such a hit!!  and i got the recipe from these super cute sisters over at deuxchicago.  such a simple idea, but i so appreciate alison and laura for sharing the recipe and for “healthing” it up a little 😉 

and, being a huge football fan – i’m so eager to replace my normal monday night game crave – chicken wings – with these tasty new treats.  i don’t really eat meat all that much anyway and chicken is okay in my book when i do.  but i don’t really like the wings because there is hardly any meat and you just end up eating fried oil and i don’t know… this is just so much better!  i begin with a roasted chicken that i pick up from whole foods market on their wednesday chicken sale (7 bucks!) Continue reading

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