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one last holiday tradition

6 Jul

so, it was kind of weird having 4th of july on a wednesday, no?  granted, i’m on a glorious 3-week long {2.5 weeks left} staycation, so it didn’t much matter to me this year.  though, i will say this is probably the first holiday i’ve had off from work in probably a decade.  working retail hours doesn’t typically allow me to get time off during any fun holiday.

but i feel like it’s weird because it’s like, when did you celebrate? or are you celebrating this weekend?  are people still busting out festivities?!  i sure am – i plan on grilling some vidalia onions and corn on the cob tonight!

but since i’m taking some time off, i’ve been doing my best to really relax, submerse myself in some social activities, and just kick back- cuz it’s summah-time {summer summer summer time… summertime} 😉 Continue reading

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