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cherryfest! {and a big thank you!}

9 Jul

it’s cherry season!!!!!

it’s the best time to buy cherries right now – they are at their in-season peak and the price is right!  if i may – another push to get you to buy organic. cherries are on the dirty dozen list {as is most things you eat the skin with}, so it’s best to buy them organic if you can.  don’t be scared, when you buy items in season at their peak, you pay less, the taste and quality are better, and you are voting with your dollars!  OG cherries are typically 9-10 dollars a pound when bought in march or april when they start trickling in.  but if you buy them now, you’re going to pay a lot less – somewhere between 3-5 dollars a pound — and yes, for organic!  and if you can grab some from a farmers market, even better!!! or if you have a CSA buy-in, you may notice them arriving with your monthly shipment. yum – and you can totally freeze them. or make jams or syrups for your sodastream maker… Continue reading

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