buffalo chicken wraps w/ a twist {and is it football season yet?!}

2 Jul

these were such a hit!!  and i got the recipe from these super cute sisters over at deuxchicago.  such a simple idea, but i so appreciate alison and laura for sharing the recipe and for “healthing” it up a little 😉 

and, being a huge football fan – i’m so eager to replace my normal monday night game crave – chicken wings – with these tasty new treats.  i don’t really eat meat all that much anyway and chicken is okay in my book when i do.  but i don’t really like the wings because there is hardly any meat and you just end up eating fried oil and i don’t know… this is just so much better!  i begin with a roasted chicken that i pick up from whole foods market on their wednesday chicken sale (7 bucks!)

– cabbage leaves

– shredded chicken

– buffalo sauce {i choose franks buffalo wing sauce because it’s the best. and it originates from buffalo, ny… where the buffalo wings even first began – and, if you read the label – simple ingredients}

– ranch dressing {i discovered this yummy lower-calorie new yogurt dressing that i totally love!}

add shredded chicken to a low to medium-heat pan and glop in some delicious hot sauce. we are just heating up the meat at this point, which is why i choose the pre-roasted chickens. i’m just not that great at actually cooking meat – which is actually kind of okay with me.  as long as i know i’m choosing natural, quality meat, i don’t mind letting someone else cook it… which is why i trust WFM’s chickens.

mix around a little to coat the chicken…

add in a little more sauce if you want… whatever.

heat up the meat to your liking – you could actually make this dish cold or at room temp if you wanted, i just like the chicken to be slightly warm.

serve in your cabbage leaves with ranch dressing on top.  i had mine with organic corn on the cob and a summersault – my new favourite beer from new belgium brewery right here in colorado.  crisp, clean, smooth finish – perfect for summer nights on the patio, and it compliments the spiciness of this dish well. oh, and i totally had more than two wraps! 😉

this will satisfy my cravings until football season begins again… can’t wait to see what peyton manning does in a bronco jersey! 🙂

3 Responses to “buffalo chicken wraps w/ a twist {and is it football season yet?!}”

  1. deuxchicago July 2, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    You are the sweetest! So glad you tried it and thanks for linking back. Now, what else can we wrap in cabbage?! 🙂 -L


    • cooking with audrey July 2, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

      hehe, thanks again for sharing! i was actually thinking of doing fish tacos this way?! 😉


      • deuxchicago July 2, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

        ooh genius! that sounds awesome.


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