audrey michelle’s colourful DIY cleanse – DAY #3

18 Jul

today was different.

i definitely felt the cleanse, or my body detoxing slightly, or the odd sleeping, or something.  something was different.  i don’t feel bad per se, i just feel different.  my head is much more clear, as in not cluttered with stupid thoughts or particularly, anxious ones.  which is good!  mostly i feel a little sluggish, surprisingly, and my head {although clear} feels kind of weird. maybe it’s because it’s clearer, don’t know – but i feel different.

i have been dreaming of food, however.  hAhA! i think last night i dreamt of pizza – no joke. i was browsing the food section on WP late at night, i’m sure that didn’t help – hA.  a reader asked me if was craving anything in particular, and i will say that today i did notice i was missing carbs, starch, etc.  so i made potatoes with dinner, which seemed to scratch that itch – for now.

here’s how the menu went today :

always starts with lemon water :

breakfast :

smoothie with raw protein powder, OJ, mixed berries, bananas, spinach, and chia seeds.

no workout today – just a short morning yoga practice.

snack :

bananas aid in depression – remember? 🙂

holy smokes this peach was amazing!!! i do believe it was a local peach, but i forgot to look!  california, perhaps.  but my my my, i actually audibly exclaimed alone, “WOW! that is one damn good peach!”  it was perfect.

more water…

i was lazy today.  since my energy level was low, i didn’t do much.  i watched a few episodes of one of my favourite new shows – through the wormhole {who doesn’t love morgan freeman?!} and made a friendship bracelet for my friend’s birthday 😉  i feel like i ate more today than the last two days.  i felt like my body needed it.  i really don’t know how people do fasting.  i mean, i’m a pretty small girl – i almost think i’d pass out!  small, and high metabolism – i have to eat!

lunch :

raw cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, leftover green cabbage…

black plum, kiwi, strawberry… so pretty.

more lounging around the house… i’m so grateful i had time to do this and not have an agenda.

snack :

english peas, celery… water.

every pot and pan i own going at once 😉

dinner :

boiled red potatoes, steam-sauteed zucchini and squash, golden beets, steamed spinach.  i was totally craving the spinach and the potatoes.

homemade ginger ale 🙂

i’ve been reading that seltzer water causes gas or bloating and causes us to be acidic – and that really sucks because i like it a lot!  so, i’ve only been treating myself to a little during the cleanse – because i’m kind of making this up as i go along 😉

dessert :

i’ll have this gorgeous mango

and another yummy plum {they were on sale – i bought lots!}

then more tea –

then bedtime.

right after i watch my DVRed episode of so you think you can dance – duh!  😉

day three down! — though, a slight bit more of a struggle today…

still, made it through!  no cheating either – yay me!

2 Responses to “audrey michelle’s colourful DIY cleanse – DAY #3”

  1. mylifeisthebestlife July 19, 2012 at 7:18 am #

    You’re a super star! And you’re totally making me crave steamed spinach and please send some of your zucchini immediately. THANKS!


    • cooking with audrey July 19, 2012 at 8:53 am #

      YOU are like the cheerleader of my life and particularly, this cleanse 😉 thank you so much my dear!!!


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