audrey michelle’s colourful DIY cleanse – DAY #4

19 Jul

today was rough, i will admit that. and i think this photo shows it  – maybe i should’ve photoshopped the bags from under my eyes – hA!  oh well, i’m an honest person – this is how i look and feel on a 5-day DIY cleanse i randomly decided to do and invent 😉

today was harder than yesterday.  but it makes sense now – after i did a ton of research on cleansing and symptoms.  see, this is how i roll – i just wing it… whatever “it” is.  sometimes it works out, sometimes i learn a valuable lesson the hard way, meh.  anyway – i was super nervous about how i was feeling today… mostly because i was unsure if it was “normal,” if you will. and plus, i was abruptly awoken this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so i knew i’d be a little irritable, but i worried i was doing more damage than good with this cleanse…

until google clarified it all…

i love the internet – because as someone who likes to dig through the BS to find truth, i appreciate that i have tons of information at my fingertips i can sift through to find answers that make the most sense, and not just ONE rigid answer.  for example – with this cleanse, i have been super gassy, bloated, and quite frankly – annoyed.  i wondered if the first two symptoms at minimum were simply part of the reaction to my body “purging” and detoxing a little… to my extreme comfort, many articles i read did in fact say to expect such unpleasantries within the first 3-5 days.  well, what did i say – yesterday i felt “weird.” today, i just feel like poo.  i’ll say it.  unfortunately, i think it’s amplified due to lack of sleep.  so i’m trying to wrap this up quickly so i can post it and hit the hay.

one other thing i’ll admit – i was a little extra emotional today {which i realiize isn’t saying much}, but again google comforted me with various articles to support that also being a possible symptom of cleansing…

so, without further ado – here’s the day 4 lineup :

wakeup – bam, lemon water :

i have two of these each morning, with half a lemon in each.

breakfast :

smoothie with raw protein powder, OJ, mixed berries, banana, spinach, chia seeds.

i was very lazy today – as i said, i really felt the cleanse today, the detox.  i’m a pretty healthy person, but i know just omitting caffeine and alcohol alone are making my body say “whooooaaaa!”

water for days… literally.

mid-morning snack :

another magical peach and also a black plum…

both equally delicious.

tons of water of course – and i stuck with still water for the majority of the day – i have to have my sparkling occasionally though, i’m not that rigid about all  this.

lunch :

clean out the fridge leftover lunch : squash, zucchini, boiled red potatoes, green cabbage.

more water – and a little kombucha.

mid-afternoon snack :

cucumbers, those fun zebra beets, and avocado – {they ARE good together!}

and pretty together!  i only wish i had a mandolin, so i could’ve sliced the beets paper-thin.  still, delicious – i mean, delicious.

dinner :

dinner ended up being a random concoction i came up with and it was so pretty, i took photos…

i used pho broth, heirloom tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, kale, and kelp noodles – that’s it.  YUM!

so, here’s dinner :

it was nice to change it up a little.  i almost forgot i had the broth – which i bought specifically for this cleanse!

snack :

hA! – so, when i first threw these on the table, they kind of assembled themselves into an “A” shape – not quite like this – but i went ahead and exaggerated it, for fun. i heart english peas.

dessert :

red mango, cut up all fun… and a glass of kombucha…

served up all fun.  lovin’ how it looks like a glass of a nice triple.

i’ll have more sleepytime tea and a hot bath to help the detox, then i’ll do a little light yoga and try to catch some good Zzz’s…

day four down!

thanks for keeping up!  one more day to go – i’m already planning my first “meal” — hAhA!

4 Responses to “audrey michelle’s colourful DIY cleanse – DAY #4”

  1. vivilinh July 19, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    cleanse time!! 🙂


  2. bollychees July 19, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

    Keep it up!


  3. mylifeisthebestlife July 20, 2012 at 6:27 am #

    YAY YOU! Do you know that when I get to work, I quickly throw up a post, open my reader, and skip EVERYTHING ELSE until I get to you. True story.

    Sorry you had a delicate day…but your body is just getting rid of all the blah to make room for more YAY! And as always, I covet your zebra beets. Although they look more like target beets today.


    • cooking with audrey July 20, 2012 at 9:58 am #

      you are such a gem! you make me feel so special! today is worse. emotions are high, sleep is kind of rocked — is this worth it?! 😉 i get to work today, too. blah – i swear i could take a whole year off and not feel rested enough – haha! hugs from afar!


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