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{pretty persimmon}

27 Feb

i can’t believe i had not yet written about this wonderful fruit!

i just love love love persimmons! they are so interesting and different and beautiful and they are excellent when dehydrated!

they are delicious when perfectly ripe and also yummy in smoothies!

aren’t they so pretty?!

have you ever had persimmons? 


{colorful and hearty winter greens}

24 Feb

speaking of salads and such, sometimes i just want a huge bowl of healthy and tender winter greens – lightly sautéed and wilted in garlic and olive oil… so colourful and vibrant and good for you!!

before and after… 

{audrey and venus and jupiter, oh my!}

21 Feb

and the awesome crescent moon… lookin’ like the cheshire cat smile!!!


p.s. i love how you can see the outline of the moon, too! 

both venus and jupiter will be visible through the end of february! so, make sure to look up! ❤

and don’t forget to get out in nature! it’s so healing!!!




{they call me sally salad}

20 Feb

every time there’s a party or gathering and i need to bring a dish, i almost always bring the salad. my family lovingly refers to me as “sally salad” for that reason. i pretty much eat a salad just about every day, even in the winter.

and this is that time of year where we all promise to “eat better” or “eat less” …

{how’s that working out for you? it’s not working for me – haha!}

i made this particular salad way back at the end of harvest season last year… it’s loaded with lots of garden veggies like two different kinds of homegrown lettuce, tender baby kale, shaved brussel sprouts, flavourful celery leaves, gently bitter radicchio, teeny tomatoes, my famous pickling cucumbers, and i think i even threw in some fresh corn… nom nom!

{what’s for dinner?}

9 Feb

pan-seared mahi mahi – crusted with old bay and lemon juice, served with homemade roasted corn and shishito pepper succotash, and a glass of miller high life – ‘cuz we fancy. 😉

what are YOU having for dinner??



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