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{travel tuesday} — a walk across the williamsburg bridge

4 Sep

about 2 weeks before i left new york city, a friend suggested we take a walk across the williamsburg bridge.  “how often will you get to walk across bridges once you leave?!” she said, convincing me to go. i didn’t need a whole ton of convincing; though at the time i remember feeling really ready to leave new york, and it was hard to drag me out of the house at times… funny how that works, because now i miss the heck out of it! good thing i’m going back for a visit…

there are many messages throughout new york city – stickers, graffiti, signs, posters, strangers yelling things at you, etc.

the williamsburg bridge is no exception.  in fact, i dare to say it boasts the most messages of any place i’ve visited in the big apple.  i mean, the entire bridge is like a graffiti art gallery.  every inch of it is covered with something to see or read.  my camera got quite the workout… Continue reading

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