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{whatever wednesday} — a repost; about how cool nature is.

12 Sep

so, i decided to change “wordy wednesday” to “whatever wednesday” — i just can’t put that kind of pressure on myself anymore – haha 😉

so, in honor of my first “whatever” post, i am going to repost something i wrote a while ago that i find awesome and should be shared with as many people as possible. when i first posted this way back when i started my blog, i got more hits than any other day, and more facebook shares than any other day… so i figure, this is information people actually care about…

as you know, i’m a huge foodie.  i love anything with colour – so basically anything that has been in the ground, grown in soil, rich in nutrients from the earth, fibrous, healthy, and completely natural.  so basically, i am pro-veggie. i firmly believe the human body has the power to heal itself using diet. we truly are what we eat. and when i discovered that some foods actually look like the body parts they help heal, i was floored. talk about intelligent design!  we are truly incredible human machines.

oh and in case you’re wondering what my stance is after that whole organic vs. conventional stanford study, i don’t care… and i actually didn’t even read it, i don’t need to.  it’s just like when they supposedly found this brand new thirteenth astrological sign suddenly – what was his name? whatever, it doesn’t matter. i’m still a sagittarius/scorpio cusp with cancer rising and a capricorn moon, i’m a total product of my natal chart, to a T – some random astronomer isn’t going to come along and suddenly tell me i’m not who i feel i am. and some fancy rich group of college kids isn’t going to come along and change why i eat organic food, either.  {sorry, do i sound snarky?!} Continue reading

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