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{happy valentine’s day!}

14 Feb


“the best thing in life to hold on to is each other.”

~audrey hepburn

{whatever wednesday – foto love}

26 Feb


nothing makes me happier than when i’m taking pictures.  nothing makes my soul shine brighter and vibrate higher than when i have a camera in my hand. i am at my absolute best when i am capturing the world around me, through these eyes, through fotography.  creating memorable images is what i do best. i am in love with fotography, and it is in love with me.

fotography is my absolute passion in life.


snow, however – is not. but we are working on establishing a healthy symbiotic relationship…


{heart-shaped world volume 3}

3 May

if i stop and pay attention – i notice that love follows me everywhere i go.


the most interesting things seem to form themselves into a heart


like chipped paint on a wall…


lots of heart-shaped rocks… Continue reading

{whatever wednesday} — snow!

30 Jan

we got some snow here in colorado – it’s finally starting to look and feel like winter!  60 degree days took over our last week of january, but then the white stuff came – it finally came!  we need the moisture so bad here, and so i’m welcoming it with gratitude.  though i heart the 330 days of sunshine we tend to get… i also heart the snow…

and it usually comes WITH sunshine, so it’s a win/win. 🙂


have a great day!

{foto friday} — open hearts see hearts everywhere…

25 Jan

i am earnestly trying to keep my heart open these days…and, when i do – this keeps happening :

morehearts-9 Continue reading

{foto friday} — LOVE actually is… all around.

4 Jan

well – for me, it seems to be EVERYWHERE i look lately — even my toilet paper has a heart-pattern on it.

the truth is – i’m changing, and therefore – so is the world i {we} live in.


{kind of looks like “evolve” in there, eh?!}


LOVE this scarf… i just might have to wear it every day 😉




everywhere… Continue reading

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