{pickled gherkins}

30 Oct

when i say, “gherkins” – what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

for me, it’s the movie dirty dancing.  weird, right?!  there’s the scene where neil is asking baby if she is hungry, and he’s looking in the fridge… “leftover cabbage roll, fruit salad…?  sweet gherkins?!”  😛


anyway… i don’t really like sweet pickles. but i do love dill pickles. and when i found these *adorable* baby gherkins, i literally squealed in excitement! apparently, they are also known as “cucamelons.” {teehehee}

they are slightly sour, and very juicy!  which, i admit, was a little surprising.  i also read that they are very easy to grow… which makes me totally want to try to include some in the garden next year!


they look like little watermelons!!  eep!  so cute.


when i make pickles, i KISS – Keep It Seriously Simple.

– salt, vinegar, and dill.


my method is easy – i use the fridge method and simply bring a ratio of 1:2 parts vinegar and water to a boil with himalayan pink salt and then pour it over the cuc’s with a head of dill smashed in – about 1 head for every pound of cuc’s.  for a more in-depth explanation, click here to see my first fridge pickle experiment…

as usual, i don’t write down my recipes, i just let the food guide me 😉

One Response to “{pickled gherkins}”

  1. anthony0358 October 30, 2014 at 6:39 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us


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