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{thirsty thursday – peach chia lemonade}

27 Jun


this may look a little bizarre to you if you’ve never heard of chia drinks… but it seems to me like they are all the rage these days…


you remember chia seeds?! “the pottery that grows” — ch-ch-ch-chia! haha – anyway, this is the same stuff.


it’s good on salads, in smoothies, etc.

chia seeds congeal when mixed with liquid, so they create this interesting and fun texture that i just love – but i admit not everyone does 🙂  the best part is chia seeds are loaded with fiber and protein as well as naturally-occuring good-for-you-in-so-many-ways omegas 3 and 6.  they’re kind of a wonderfood – the aztecs just loved chia seeds!

and i do too! 🙂 Continue reading

{thirsty thursday} — ch-ch-ch-chia… drink?!

14 Feb


happy thirsty thursday!  oh, and valentine’s day…


remember this?!


well this is the same stuff!

they are chia seeds. 

these tiny amazing protein-packed seeds are full of awesome nutrients including fiber, antioxidants, and heart-healthy omega-3.  and while they make excellent “pet plants,” they also make fun drinks when added to liquid!

you may have started to notice chia drinks pop up all around your favourite health food stores. you can purchase the seeds in bulk or in packages online and i know you can pick them up at whole foods market. Continue reading

sometimes i like to have 2 breakfasts…

9 Jun

…or – one breakfast, and one brunch… 🙂

especially if it’s a weekend day and i don’t have to work.  i get up pretty early most days and i love having my cup of coffee as the sun beams in and i work on both blog images and my appetite.  typically i want a snack about an hour later and so this has become one of my favourite quick meals in the morning : i call it the BACH  {banana, almond, chia, honey} a friend helped inspire this — thanks michele! Continue reading

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