{happy nom-nom-idays!}

21 Dec

nom nom… i just love this time of year.  the holidays are also all about eating, right?!  and sharing… 🙂


like this homemade peanut brittle from a friend’s mama in michigan and homemade caramels from my wonderful neighbours -50 yards away.

my goodness they are both SO AMAZING! i completely savoured each one, and still am. it’s that kind of treat – when someone takes time to make something so incredibly delicious like this and then shares it… THAT is the true meaning of the holidays… or, the nom-nom-idays.  i think we should start making it more about food than “gifts”.  afterall, i believe food is one of THE BEST gifts you can give… and receive 😉


nom nom…


and look how pretty, right?! i know you wanna reach through the screen and have some, teehehe.  and i’m not even a huge peanut brittle fan, usually.  but when my friend shared some of this with me he kept saying “no really, it’s the best ever.”  and well – i asked him to leave the bag so i could fotograph it and blog about it sooooo, i guess you could say his mama converted me 😉

i’m grateful for so many things this year… including a new chance at life, plenty of new experiences, supportive and uplifting new friends, a bounty of delicious food and drink, and friends who share 🙂

happy nom-nomidays! xxoo

One Response to “{happy nom-nom-idays!}”

  1. Anthony Mark December 21, 2013 at 7:27 am #

    I think I am on my way to becoming a foodie, I love this blog! Its delicious!


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