{foto friday – stuff that happened this week via fotos}

20 Dec


i watched this movie


i ate this entire bag of holiday grapes…


i saw this on the bus ride into work… i’m pretty sure it took off from someone’s private ranch…


a nice guy gifted me with this delicious smoothie randomly, upon walking by the cafe across from work… we’re buds, now 🙂


i caught the moonset through some morning fog…


and saw this amazing sunset.

have a great weekend, everyone! and don’t get too caught up in the twisted consumer-version meaning of this season – it’s truly ALL about giving – but not gifts – the giving of compassion, beauty, companionship, our time, each other, and LOVE.  and really – we shouldn’t need the month of december to make us feel that way… it should just be our way of life.



One Response to “{foto friday – stuff that happened this week via fotos}”

  1. Anthony Mark December 20, 2013 at 6:12 am #

    I love this blog!


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