{whatever wednesday : what i did on my summer vacation}

10 Jul

just some fotos from my little stay-cation last week.



…i know, right?!




oh, hi.  just enjoying a macchiato on the porch…


this is my mom’s china… i can’t wait to use it for something special next month in honour of her birthday!


robin’s egg i spotted in my friend’s yard…


some other kind of egg i spotted on my walk to the park… it kinda blends in, do you see it?!  a fly was totally hanging out, scrounging…


delicious vegan brunch from this rad place, mod market – spiced curry lentil soup, sauteed lemon-y asparagus, smashed potatoes, multigrain bread……… nom nom, indeed!


volcanic garlic from the arvada farmer’s market.  i bought a whole braid. soooo, you’re going to be seeing a lot of this amazing stuff in future blogposts… it was love at first bite! 😉


crazy clouds over the lake in my ‘hood… it came pouring about 4 minutes after i snapped this…


this is terrance, my awesome tomato plant.  at least i think that’s what his name is…  i feel like it should be a lady name, since it’s an “early girl” variety of tomato 😉 … but when i saw it, terrance is the name that came to my mind first, so i have to trust that.  HOWEVER, i did also think “earl” was a good name too because, yanno… EArly giRL…


it’s one cool plant i tell ya – there are about 6-8 tomatoes on there now and lots more flowering… it’s my first plant ever, so i’m kind of proud of it!!

what name do you feel this plant owns?

2 Responses to “{whatever wednesday : what i did on my summer vacation}”

  1. Anthony Mark July 10, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    I hope that you had a lovely vacation ! thank you for the super beautiful photos


  2. tableofcolors July 10, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

    Lovely post…


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