{personal product review : pack*it – the lunchbox cooler!}

9 Jul


i should get paid to do reviews for companies like this – haha!  {but seriously, feel free to email me with offers! ;)}

and i honestly love this product – and i recommend it to anyone!


especially for lunch at work, or for traveling, or for kids and family outings, or whatever… it’s so great!


what is it?!  well i’m glad you asked 😀

it’s the portable, packable, freezable, transformable, incredible – *drum roll*


pack*it lunchbox cooler!!!!!!


“audrey michelle is cooler with pack*it!” {like i need help being any cooler ;)}


so you just fold it up and stick it in your freezer for at least 8 hours… part of the inside lining is filled with {re}freezable gel that claims to holds temp for up to 10-hours… so you don’t have to use those gel packs – the lunchbox itself is the cooler!

pretty cool… pun intended.


i gave it a test at work in a hot room… i wouldn’t say it lasted 10 hours – maybe 7-8 tops, but the a/c is broken in the room i left the cooler in so i think that was extreme… still – 7 HOURS!  that’s a good long time to keep your lunch fresh!  and i had a variety of things like salad, turkey sandwich, juice, and some fruit… and it all held temp!

they run about $14-$24 depending on size.  this one was about $20 and i can fit a lot inside.  plus right now they are having a BOGO special, so it’s a great time to buy!

i just love mine!!!!

i heart comments.

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