{fair trade & organic – ice box watermelon}

19 Jun

do you know how to pick out a good watermelon?!  … one that’s guaranteed to be ripe, juicy, and flavourful?!


well, for one thing – to guarantee the flavour and ripeness, it’s important to begin with quality.


i always opt for organic food {especially produce} when i can… organic produce is grown with more care, handled with more care, and therefore just plain tastes better… in my humble {and generally RIGHT} opinion 🙂

this sticker tells us that not only is this watermelon organic, but it’s fair trade. which {happily} means the farmers that grew this watermelon are paid a FAIR WAGE for their product and services.  this is extremely important to me also because i’m a collective thinker – i am grateful for that farmer who took time to grow this beautiful fruit for me to enjoy.  and i want him/her to get paid what they are worth for doing that service. fair trade kind of cuts out the middle man, if you will.  you can read more about fair trade products here.


you also want to look for a good “water spot” on your watermelon.  this is a lighter area, often a shade of yellow or discolouration… this is where the water has gathered, creating the juiciness.  right around that spot, you want to “knock” on the watermelon, listening for a more hollow sound… if anyone looks at you funny or asks what you’re doing, just tell ’em, “dude, i’m picking out the best watermelon ever!” and then they’ll wanna know your secret… 😀


i also like these “icebox” watermelons because they are seedless… it’s just easier to deal with.


i use a melon-baller to scoop out mine…


watermelon is kind of hard to fotograph… the texture is so fine.


and i just found out that watermelon contains lycopene, which is what gives tomatoes their colour – apparently anything red has some amount of lycopene in it.  cool, right?!


once i could no longer make little scoops, i just scraped out the remaining watermelon…


and saved it for smoothies…



such a perfect summer fruit!

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