{homemade applesauce – vitamix style!}

12 Apr

as we know, i’m all about DIY in the kitchen.

between skyrocketing food prices and the need for healthy, organic, fresh food – i have to find a balance so that i can still continue eating well, but also still afford to pay rent 😉 – and honestly, owning a vitamix has helped tremendously in that arena.  even though it was a steep investment initially – it’s actually helping me save money by making a lot of things at home!

for example, this homemade applesauce.  i did make some once a while back with my potato latkes.  but i hadn’t tried it with the vitamix, yet.

applesauce isn’t something i just go out and buy.  in fact, i’m not actually much of a fan of apples. i love the flavour and i love apple juice, but i just have never been one to eat handheld fruits.  i’m more apt to eat grapes, mangos, berries, and bite-size typed fruits.  it’s just one of those idiosyncrasies of mine… i’ll eat apple slices with some nut butter, that’s more my style 😉 oorrrrr, this delicious applesauce…


and whoa – was it easy to make!


step 1.  buy some apples.

i opted for honeycrisp because they were on sale and approaching the end of their season… plus, these were super cute and smaller than most.  have you noticed how BIG apples are getting lately?!  it’s just not natural… i’m like “i can’t eat that in one sitting!” haha.  these honeycrisps were perfectly-sized and came in a 3-pound bag.


step 2.  cut up the apples if you want… i quartered mine just to make it a little easier…

i kept the seeds and stems included – that’s the beauty of the vitamix!


step 3.  throw ’em in the vitamix and throw on the lid…


step 4.  turn on and adjust to setting 2-3… use tamper to move apples around. increase speed slightly as needed…

if you are using a food processor {which totally works, too!}, just pulsate until desired consistency is reached…


step 5.  consume as needed… preferably once a day, you know – to keep the doctor away… 😉

no added sugar, don’t need it!  high-fiber, great-tasting, naturally gluten-free, delicious, and good for you!  great snacks for the kids or for the grown-ups, easy clean-up.  good stuff, right!

have a great weekend, ya’ll!

2 Responses to “{homemade applesauce – vitamix style!}”

  1. Malachite Bing April 12, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    I love my vitamix! OMG if I had to choose between that and a juicer I would pick the Vitamix, hands down.


    • cooking with audrey April 12, 2013 at 11:05 am #

      same same!! i feel like i should consider working for them haha. i am such a fan and want everyone to have one!!! 😉


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