{base jumping – living vicariously through strangers}

15 Oct

during my trip through moab last month, i met some really cool strangers. well now, that’s a funny thing to say – i guess if i “met” them, then they technically weren’t “strangers” …

anyway, it’s kind of a funny story but basically we woke up one morning and these 5 dudes were sleeping in the camp we set up.  it was a little bizarre at first, until we got to talking to them… turns out, they were acrobats. traveling acrobats… from france.  i’m not even kidding.  they are certainly an adventurous crew!

to sum it up – they were creating a documentary style film about their {incredible} travels throughout the US.  they started in NYC {awesome!} and had planned to go to colorado after their stop in moab… and on this particular morning, they were going base jumping just a short walk from where we had camped.  my camera and i were all over that.  unfortunately, i only brought one lense and it doesn’t really capture the whole thing in the way i would’ve preferred, but i think you’ll get the idea…


huge cliffs… i would say it is 400 feet?  maybe a little less…



can you spot the tiny little people up there?!  it probably took them an hour and a half to reach the top…


crazy clouds, little peeps…


one of them yells…


and fearlessly runs and plunges full spread-eagle right off the cliff… do you see him?  he is not airborne long before needing to pull the chute-cord….


and it safely opens, and he lands to the ground…. {*whew*}


second dude goes for it…


i move to the other side of the road…


second dude lands… safely – but with not as much, shall we say, ease… 😐

again… *whew*


they drew quite a crowd…


and packed it up for the next trip…

i got so caught up in their story, their accent, and in watching them, that i didn’t even think to ask for a group selfie.  oh well – they were some really cool people.  in fact, most french people i meet are super cool! they wrote down their information so i could find them on the web… i didn’t find the video from this jump, but i did find a little short about them – you can watch it here. i also love this clip, mostly because it shows one of the dudes we met and it talks a little more about just what it is they do as artists… i find it fascinating.  i lack the guts to ever do anything they do, so it’s fun to live vicariously through them {and my camera!}.



2 Responses to “{base jumping – living vicariously through strangers}”

  1. Anthony Mark October 15, 2014 at 6:19 am #

    this looks amazing


  2. Linda October 16, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    Bucket List!!! 🙂 Amazing Pictures

    Liked by 1 person

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