{drink the rainbow! – “pineapple island dream” vitamix juice}

10 Apr

another good one… i’m hoping all of these tropical-type drinks will convince nicer weather to stick around, instead of more snow!  {we got another 6 inches or so here in colorado – boo!}


– frozen pineapple

– fresh mango

– fresh kiwi

– coconut milk


and if you want, throw in a little frozen banana…


this one is a nice balance of sweet and tart, it’s very refreshing, and makes me want to be on the beach!!

and it also needs a little umbrella…

6 Responses to “{drink the rainbow! – “pineapple island dream” vitamix juice}”

  1. mylifeisthebestlife April 10, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    I wanna go to the beach with yooooou!



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