{foto friday} — east village radio

24 Aug

east village radio.  classic.

one of my former co-workers DJed at this spot once a week.  you can listen live to streaming music on their website.  DJs share a small booth right in manhattan’s lower east side and take up about a 2-hour slot, which varies. my buddy JW likes to spin old-school jams like boyz to men, heavy D, bel biv devoe — take ya back.

one day after work, JW and i were leaving at the same time and he asked if i wanted to come along, since i had my camera at work that day.  heck yes, i’ll snap some photos and sip a red stripe while i listen and watch you play with some old records.  sounds awesome!

so, here are some fotos from that experience.  oh, and i’m telling you – this is one tiny space!  enough room for equipment, the DJ, and a small bench behind to set your music {or a guest} on.  it’s great… people just walk by on 1st avenue – peeking in, stopping to listen, walking on by… whatever.

oh, and the whole thing was encased in mirrors – so, here’s me – circa 2010.

as i mentioned, some people stop to listen…

or stop to get down… like this cat did.  for like, 10 minutes.  JW and i both made a video on our phones… but i don’t have it on my iphone, which is a damn shame because it was quite a fun sight!  he was hootin’ and hollerin’ — having a grand ole time.  it was classic.

sometimes the music just HITS YOU, yanno?!  😉

doesn’t JW have the craziest longest dreadlocks you’ve ever seen?!


this is what homey was dancing to :

2 Responses to “{foto friday} — east village radio”

  1. mylifeisthebestlife August 24, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Poison is a song that will FOREVER take me back to a little bar called Grapes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. SO many good times!

    Those dreadlocks are exactly what I want for Bob Marley in the future. I’m going to start twisting his hair as soon as he pops out!

    And check you out, hottie! I ADORE YOU!


  2. anthony0358 August 24, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    this is so freaking awesome! right on 1st and 1st, I passed by there so many times when I am walking down the LES! Great photos Ms. Audrey!


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