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{meatless mondays : a simple spring recipe – creamy bok choy with sauteed garlic scapes}

14 Apr


have you ever used garlic scapes?! they are also referred to as “green garlic”…


first of all – how fun and wild-looking are they?!  …reminds me of my hair in the mornings 😛

you can start to find them popping up in some specialty stores, organic grocers, and maybe even at a farmer’s market…if you’re lucky to live where you can shop at one now!


i just love garlic scapes!  they are not nearly as strong as garlic itself, and provide a fun texture to a dish. the “scapes” are the “flower stalks” of the plant, and are typically pruned or discarded in gardening practices.  however, this foodie knows better and has learned that they can be an amazing substitute for garlic itself. Continue reading

garlic scape-sauteed baby artichokes topped with parano cheese

22 Jun

it’s still artichoke season, and i always enjoy seeing the “baby” version of things in the produce section.  i know that means i will only be able to get my hands on them for a brief time.  much like the baby leeks {ramps} or baby garlic {scapes}, baby artichokes are only available for a short season in late spring and early summer.  and so naturally i had to try some. Continue reading

celery root mashed potatoes w/ seasonal garlic scapes

18 Jun

i have to say, these were pretty amazing!!!! i wanted to try two things with this dish – both the celery root and the garlic scapes.  i had been told by a few people that celery root goes well in mashed potoatoes.  and i love to experiment with mashed potatoes – definitely one of my favourite vegetarian staples!  so, i did 🙂 Continue reading

{featured produce of the week : seasonal organic garlic scapes}

15 Jun

i was going through my film, preparing some blogs for the week, and i realized that i had used these garlic scapes in about 4 of my dishes.  i had never tried using them before, but the smell was so intoxicatingly wonderful, i couldn’t resist. and at 3 bucks a pop, i was able to make so many things with them!  i just love eating seasonal foods.  it’s like, something to look forward to. it’s a treat, you know?!

this article explains what exactly garlic scapes are.  essentially, it’s like baby garlic.  can be used in place of scallions, the bulb itself isn’t as strong but the scape is wonderful!!  i just think anything “baby” is better… haha.  ** i also recently discovered these are locally grown here in northern colorado – woo!

stay tuned for some of the dishes i used them in – including a unique take on mashed potatoes! 🙂

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