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{memories in manhattan – volume 5}

15 May

even though i don’t miss the winters in the northeast, or winter in general for that matter, i did enjoy the variety of weather that seems to roll in and out of new york. particularly, the evening rain. there’s something about a late night drizzle… it seems calming to me.

as i was looking through old fotos of my days living in new york, i came across a fun memory of a time when some visitors came to town and i helped them squeeze in as many “tourist attractions” as possible, since they were only there for two days. it made me feel pretty cool when they asked for suggestions. maybe because it made me realize that i had been in the city long enough to not only know my way around, but to be somewhat of a tour-guide.

one of my favourite places to visit and view the city was the empire state building. being able to experience the city from that perspective is something to behold. i only visited the empire state building twice during my time living in nyc, and both times were memorable and exciting. this particular night was memorable because it was very cold, and very wet. it was one of those kinds of rain that was almost like a mist, making the visibility low and the mood high.

the way way top

when my friends and i decided to go to the top of the empire state building, we didn’t realize that the very very top would be closed off due to wind and the aforementioned low-visibility. my friends didn’t care, and neither did i. by the time we decided to make our way to the destination, we had already been wandering the city for a good hour, sans umbrella… and it didn’t seem to bother any of us. besides, a huge part of the experience was being together – and for me, seeing the excitement on their faces, and living vicariously through their enjoyment. furthermore, the line was much shorter and there were fewer people on the tour… so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

because of the rain, i found myself taking less fotos and spending more time reveling in and soaking up the moment… and doing my best to keep warm!

if i close my eyes, i can whisk myself away to some of those moments, and revisit and remember the experience so richly.

i love his hoodie

i love my hat

did i mention that these friends of mine are like the empire state building… in that, they are very very tall?!{especially standing next to me – haha!}  😉


{foto friday} – the empire state building, at night, and in the rain

14 Sep

these fotos are kind of old, back when i had just moved to new york – i’d been there maybe a year. and they were taken sans tripod.  i think it was in september – i didn’t anticipate the weather being as cold as it was. but did you know humidity works in the cool temps?!  holy crap yes it does!

i had some guests in town from colorado and they wanted to squeeze in as much tourism as possible.  the empire state building was always a go-to for me when i had visitors.  it never gets old for me.  even though i don’t like the heights, i like the view.  i took another trip up during the daytime with a friend, i’ll have to find those fotos.  will i pay 30 bucks and visit again when i am in the city in october?  mmmmmaybe not.  we’ll see.  it’s nice to know people with rooftop views – that’s like prime real estate in new york! Continue reading

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