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{meatless mondays : red quinoa with grape tomatoes, fresh corn, and black beans}

6 Jul


this {vegan} dish is totally protein-packed and nutrient-rich. i just love quinoa, don’t you?!


and did you know that quinoa is considered a complete protein… which means it contains all 9 essential amino acids. this makes it a wonderful protein-source for vegans. the black beans in this recipe add in healthy fiber, which is a great combination with the quinoa!


i can eat these grape tomatoes like candy!


and believe it or not, colorado boasts growing some of the best sweet corn in the US!

summer is for corn!!!! Continue reading

polenta surprise

4 Apr


it seems that with every blog i do, i forget a step or omit something {unintentionally or otherwise} and for this i am sorry.  i will get better in the future.  in this case, i forgot to photograph the zucchini… Continue reading

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