{memories in manhattan – volume 3}

27 Mar

after my experience with the cute stranger on the subway, i quickly started to realize that my fondness of portraiture was beginning to grow rapidly. when i was in college, i never really wanted to fotograph people… my ambition was to work for a place like j.crew and fotograph flat lays on white seamless. i think i would still enjoy something like that, but my point is, i was totally intimidated at the thought of putting people in front of my camera. 

the ironic thing is, part of the reason i was able to save up some money to even move to new york, was due to fotographing some portraits for clients during the summer months while i was living in delaware with a friend. i took the train up to manhattan twice and was able to squeeze in a few sessions on long weekends and put that money toward my moving fund. i think it was during that summer that i really started to fall in love with portraiture. 

the following fotos were taking during one of my first portrait/headshot sessions upon moving to new york. the only person i really knew in the city at the time just happened to be a film-maker, and he knew lots of aspiring actors and actresses that were in need of good headshots. 

i met this lovely young lady in central park for our session. she is of french descent, and i just love her unique features. she was a natural in front of the camera, and it was during this session that i started to really fine-tune my creative portrait eye. 

unbeknownst to me until recently, i have always had an innate gift – vulnerability. not only do i often find myself feeling vulnerable or putting myself in vulnerable situations, but i seem to bring it out in others, in the most delicate way. when i use that term, vulnerability, what i really mean is that i feel like i have a way of making others feel like they can let their guard down. people naturally feel like they can show their authentic selves to me, and this allows me to capture the best portraits of them, without coursing something out of them that would translate differently on film. 

i have begun to understand this more and more about myself and sacredly carry it with me throughout my journey as a portrait artist. 

2 Responses to “{memories in manhattan – volume 3}”

  1. Anthony Mark March 27, 2017 at 11:41 am #

    oh my gosh, I never saw these photos! thank you for sharing this with us and the back story too! Its such moving work!

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  2. David Farwig March 27, 2017 at 2:19 pm #

    Those are lovely, Aurdrey! And I know firsthand how talented you are. I still use the headshots you did for me – both sessions – and I always give you credit because you definitely deserve it. I’m sure I’ll be seeking you out for another session, since I’m now in my 50’s and, well, aging seems to change me quicker these days! 🙂

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