{not the prettiest vitamix juice on the planet…}

17 Apr


but a damn good-tasting one! and good for you, too!

the recipe is something like…

– frozen mixed berries {1/4 cup}

– frozen mango {1/4 cup}

– frozen pineapple {1/4 cup or less}

– frozen banana {a few cut pieces}

– a few dates {pitted}

– 1/4 apple of choice

– fresh kale {about 1/4 cup}

– orange juice {about a 1/2 cup}

– almond milk {about a 1/2 cup}

– ground flax seeds

…or just wing it like i do and get a different creation each time! 😉

One Response to “{not the prettiest vitamix juice on the planet…}”

  1. Adam April 18, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    Yeah, berries+greens = usually brownish, not so appealing colors.

    If you want to make it pretty, try subbing in some red/purple cabbage for the kale.

    I recently blogged about pretty colors with purple cabbage smoothies: http://joyofblending.com/red-cabbage-smoothie-purple/


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