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{post-st. paddy’s day green health tonic}

18 Mar

this juice may help with any post-st-paddys-day feelings of lethargy… hey – no judgement, but if you had maybe one too many green beers to celebrate, this drink will help you recover and feel replenished! 🙂

vitamix juice-2

– 1/2 apple

– 1/2 pear

– 1/2 frozen banana

– few frozen pineapple chunks

– one or two dates to sweeten {or honey}

– almond milk

– orange juice

– LOADS of spinach – gives it that pretty colour, but you can hardly taste it.

i also put a smidgen of my green powder mix in to boost the nutrients…

throw in the blender {vitamix is my bff} for a minute or so and chug it down!

and it feels so good to be back! taking even a week or two off from blogging felt so weird. but it gave me time to adjust to my new apartment and learn my way around my new kitchen.  i can’t wait to show you guys my new stove/oven… it’s so retro!  i’m switching things up a bit too – no more rigid monday through friday titled posts – just blogs about things i love to eat, things i see, and things i feel.  i will still share recipes and photos, but the format will be different.  i found myself getting a little too obsessed with coming up with new recipes all the time… food and foto will be more like a diary of some of my favourite things – to include recipes, photos, and life experiences.  PLUS – i’m going to have a small garden this year – so watch for info on that! i also want to talk about astrology and energy.  things are changing, a shift is happening and i believe it’s vital to talk about what we are experiencing, as it continues to unfold rapidly!

thank you as always for reading and for your dedication and support!

have a wonderful day!

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