{meatless monday} — “this is the healthiest superbowl party i’ve ever been to”

4 Feb

hA! i’m still sort of giggling from the comment one of my friend’s made at the superbowl gathering my former roomie had this weekend.  and what a game!  way to go, ravens – so well-deserved!!

since going pretty much 100% vegan recently, it’s hard to eat out or even go to a friend’s house to eat, because basically everything that is prepared has some form of dairy or animal product in it.  so i brought over my own food and made something easy to munch on for the big game.  it was a hit!


i also toasted some falafel in the oven and chopped up some celery, carrots, and mixed sweet peppers as well as some fruit.  one healthy spread, indeed. and all 3 dudes gobbled it up!

“this is the healthiest superbowl party i’ve ever been to”  – one of them exclaimed.  i laughed so hard, it was so great.


i love making salsa and guacamole.  for one, it IS super healthy – look at the ingredients!  and for two, it’s way easy and you can use the same ingredients for both – just use the tomatoes as the star for the salsa and the avocados as the star for the guac!  the food processor can handle both – just blend to your desired consistency.  one day, i may try this in the vitamix…


salsa : tomato, onion, shaved garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, lime juice, S&P


avocados are so amazingly good for you.  they can actually help lower cholesterol and raise the good kind – they are full of healthy fats!


guacamole : avocados, onion, 1/4 cup tomatoes, shaved garlic, jalapeno {little less than the salsa}, cilantro, S&P


nom nom…


nom nom…


i always opt for non-gmo or organic corn products…


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