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{thirsty thursday} — still lovin’ the vitamix

7 Feb

when i tell people i have a vitamix they usually ask two questions :

1. do you love it?

2. how often do you use it?

and i always say, “yes.  and every day!”

and i really do.  i use it at least once a day to make a smoothie.  usually for breakfast or with it or before i head to work in the afternoon.  i use my vitamix every single day.  and i love it!  i’m working on perfecting recipes to share on the blog of other amazing things it does.  for example : nut butters, soups, flours, and sorbet to name a few.

but it was still love at first sight and i’ve been falling in love more every day. how can i not?!  heavy duty, all one-piece, little to no food waste, easy cleanup – what more can you ask for in an all-purpose kitchen appliance?!

this creation was one of my favourites to date :

vitamixsmoothie-6 Continue reading

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