{a community post : who is my “health hero” – and please don’t think i’m egotistical}

24 Mar

how is everyone doing?  i hope your week is off to a beautiful start.  i have been feeling SO GOOD with the change in seasons rapidly approaching, and the evening light sticking around longer.  i just feel so much better when spring gets here.  i do believe i sometimes feel “SAD” – you know, “Seasonal Affective Disorder” – that is a definite real thing.  it was so dark and cold this winter {especially for colorado} and i struggled on some days to even get out of bed.

i received an email recently, asking if i wanted to participate in a new campaign on a new site that is dedicated to offering simple information regarding all things health-related. i tend to be a little hesitant with stuff like that, but after researching the company, i realized that it falls in line with my own values and so i was happy to connect with them.

american recall center is running a campaign titled “who is your health hero?” and i’ve been asked to write a post about just that. so, here we go…



this is where the second part of my blogpost title comes in – i am my own health hero.

now – please don’t think of me as egotistical or narcissistic when i say that.  but i have to speak the truth. when posed the question, “who is your health hero?”,  i didn’t have to think very hard. i have never had a personal trainer or a health coach, or even a real doctor help me on my health journey. for the last decade, i have been growing and changing my diet and lifestyle. it started with simple steps like switching to natural soda or cutting out processed foods… then step by step, i found my body resisting certain foods and embracing others. and now i am at a place in life where i WANT to make healthy choices.  i WANT to be conscious of what i put in my body, and i WANT to be as healthy as i can – mind, body, and spirit.  this was no easy feat. i am still learning about what makes me feel healthiest, as much of it comes from a clear mind. i spent 8 years in the organic food industry, and not only was i eating the most amazing food, but i was feeding my mind and spirit with nutrition, as well.  i’m a sponge for information, and in today’s world i believe it’s even more important to take control of your own health. i read every article i came across, interrogated vendors about ingredients, emailed executives about initiatives, and questioned everything that came into my path regarding healthy eating and living.  every year when my blood levels were tested, i ranked at the top – healthy cholesterol, body fat index, weight, etc.  a clean bill of health for 5 or more years running!  it also helps that i’m a non-smoker.

i didn’t start eating healthy to lose weight, or any other common reason.  i wasn’t “sick” or anything like that.  i just had been exposed to a whole new way of living – one in which your mind, body, and soul are all fed simultaneously. it really all started when i was introduced to a magical little wonder tonic called “kombucha.”  this probiotic-rich drink had me so intrigued and fascinated – mostly because of how it made me feel.  i’m a very intuitive and sensitive person, so when i FEEL something – i try to be pay attention to what that feeling is telling me.

two simple truths have always rung loudest in my daily life – “you are what you eat” and “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”  i eat a well-balanced diet including whole grains, meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits, and the occasional sweets. i believe in “everything in moderation.”  i also believe in eating with the seasons, as we are a part of nature, and not separate from it.  and finally, i choose an organically based diet – i believe this is the healthiest way to eat.

i am my own health hero for a few reasons. i’m 34 years young, and i’m single and have no children.  i live alone and tend to be very introverted.  with that in mind – i’m the one that motivates myself to wake up a half hour early to do a simple workout. i’m the one that makes myself walk a mile to the bus stop every day. i’m the one who swaps the chocolate cookies for chocolate-flavoured peanut butter {yes, there IS such a thing and it is amazing!!!}.  i don’t feel i’m depriving myself of anything.  i just believe we get to make a choice to vote {with our bodies and with our dollars} every time we sit down to eat or go to the market to shop. part of why i am motivated to eat so well is because of my family history.  my mother, grandmother, uncle, and grandfather have all passed away from heart failure. now that i am older and recognizing that i do not want to succumb to that same fate, it is even more important to me to remain as healthy as i can – mind, body, and spirit.

eating healthy isn’t the only way to BE healthy. i take time to meditate, slow down, breathe more, and keep my body active. health is a LIFESTYLE, not a quick fix. and to me, there is absolutely NOTHING more valuable in life than your health.

thank you for reading and supporting me {and my ‘health hero’} 😉

i heart comments.

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