{ways artichokes are like humans}

14 May

it’s artichoke season!!!


and thank goodness for that!!!!  i wrote a blog or two about them last spring… i just love these beautiful babies. although they do take an awful lot of work to prepare for such a little amount of actual flesh… it’s SO worth it – the scrumptiousness waiting inside doesn’t quite compare to any other…

it got me thinking about how artichokes are kind of like us, like humans…

i know you may be chuckling thinking how the heck can i be like a green pokey vegetable?!  well… the way i see it –


an artichoke looks like a flower.

just like us 🙂


we have a lot of layers.  many of the outer ones are useless and even a little ‘rough around the edges’ as some of the leaves of artichokes tend to be… although this particular one {which i believe is more of a “globular” than “conical” artichoke} didn’t seem to have that issue…

just like us.  we as humans have some outer leaves we could slough off, if you know what i mean… our egos, pride, judgement, etc.  not a whole lot of substance in those things, ya feel me?!


artichokes are the most beautiful vegetable in my opinion… at the heart of it.

just like us.


artichokes take a good long while to cook… about 45 minutes to an hour… this ain’t no wussy vegetable…

just like us.


the best part of an artichoke is the heart… it just takes a lot of patience and peeling away at layers to get to the center of the goodness…

just like us.


even when you get to the heart, it’s protected by all this stuff… you have to chop away to get at that heart but MY STARS! once you do…

the heart is the best part!! just like us!!!


i mean, there is just nothing like the taste of an artichoke heart, am i right?! they are so unique and creamy and have this marvelously complex flavour.

just like us.


and – artichokes are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!

just like us.


3 Responses to “{ways artichokes are like humans}”

  1. anthony0358 May 14, 2013 at 11:53 am #

    I am sending this over to my sister who is a big Aritchoke Fan


  2. whiskeytangofoxtrot4 May 14, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    Now I want an artichoke! YUM. Great post! super cute.


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