{whatever wednesday} — my favourite testimonial

20 Feb

a friend of mine posted some testimonials on her blog recently… and a couple of them were so touching that it got me thinking about just how much of a difference it makes for me as an artist when someone truly appreciates what it is i do.  we ALL feel that way, no doubt – about whatever it is we do that people notice, appreciate, and respect.

the more i fine-tune what it is i am best at and the more i discover who i sincerely am, the more i realize that when we are ALL able to truly be ourselves, with no judgement or fear of rejection, the more we can ALL do what we do best and be mutually respected, appreciated, and noticed for it.

having said all that, i was inspired to share my favourite testimonial someone once wrote for me.  i had the pleasure of working with this lovely man on a brisk fall romp through lower manhattan.  we shot over 500 photos and about a dozen wardrobe changes in 3 hours.  david homyk is a true gentleman, a doll.  hilarious and charming, open and endearing.  we worked on several images for an online magazine story about david’s music.  he has since gone on to do such amazing things with his career and i am just honoured to have had the pleasure of creating some amazing editorial portraits with him.  and i mean, it’s not just because he’s a total babe :

David Homyk

“leave it to audrey, she is a master at capturing the authenticity of the moment where the human spirit is available in its entirety…”

david homyk, singer/songwriter/model/actor, new york city

i am still humbled by and in love with the words he chose.  it felt good then and it still feels good now whenever someone recognizes who i am and what i do… and what i pride myself most on as a photographer and artist, is just knowing exactly when to click that shutter… to be aware of that time, exactly as he said, when the authenticity of the moment begs for me to be present enough to point… and shoot.  but you know, i couldn’t do what i do without the openness of my clients – being genuine and real so i can truly SEE who they are… to me, that is a gift i am given each and every time i get behind the lense to fotograph someone…

he went on to say,

“…this is key to interview photography as well as modeling and modeling photography.  dimensions of innocence, sex, introspection, and joy must be evoked in the experience of a single photograph.  few photographers achieve this caliber of talent, and audrey michelle is one of those few.” 

i see you. 🙂

One Response to “{whatever wednesday} — my favourite testimonial”

  1. anthony0358 February 20, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    this was great
    thank you for sharing this with us


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