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{featured produce of the week : seasonal organic garlic scapes}

15 Jun

i was going through my film, preparing some blogs for the week, and i realized that i had used these garlic scapes in about 4 of my dishes.  i had never tried using them before, but the smell was so intoxicatingly wonderful, i couldn’t resist. and at 3 bucks a pop, i was able to make so many things with them!  i just love eating seasonal foods.  it’s like, something to look forward to. it’s a treat, you know?!

this article explains what exactly garlic scapes are.  essentially, it’s like baby garlic.  can be used in place of scallions, the bulb itself isn’t as strong but the scape is wonderful!!  i just think anything “baby” is better… haha.  ** i also recently discovered these are locally grown here in northern colorado – woo!

stay tuned for some of the dishes i used them in – including a unique take on mashed potatoes! 🙂

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