{whatever wednesday – dehydrated kale chips}

16 Oct


so, i bought a dehydrator... it’s amazing and it’s already changing my life.

i know that may sound drastic, but at this stage in the game – pretty much everything in my life is drastically changing…. so – this is no exception. owning  a dehydrator has totally changed the way i shop, too.  if i have an over-ripe fruit or veggie, but i’m not sure i’ll eat it right away – I CAN DEHYDRATE IT!  if there is a one-day sale on fresh fruit and i want to stock up but it won’t fit in my freezer – I CAN DEHYDRATE IT!  i can make my own fruit-rollups, trailmix, and even dehydrate herbs like sage or rosemary.

my favourite thing to make lately is kale chips.  i wish i would’ve had this thing in the summer – totally could’ve kept the house cooler than making kale chips in the oven!


so simple and healthy.  i didn’t even add any oil.  just rinsed the kale off and sprinkled on a heaping ton of nutritional yeast… so good.


i used one head of kale and it made this whole bowl.  and it was organic kale @ $1.99/ea. if you compare that to the prices on an 8 oz. container of kale chips… well, you can’t even compare. my dehydrator has already paid for itself in savings!

and you know what else i love about having a dehydrator?  i just plug it in at night and run it while i sleep – it creates fantastic white noise in my tiny home and the food makes itself with no effort on my part.  so cool!

2 Responses to “{whatever wednesday – dehydrated kale chips}”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals October 16, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    I’ve never gotten kale chips down in the oven, these look great from the dehydrator!



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    […] all know how much i love kale. i’ve also been known to eat copious amounts of swiss chard. and i never turn away spinach, […]


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