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{whatever wednesday – an unofficial review : town.}

19 Feb

so, i randomly and spontaneously my have potentially found my new favourite restaurant. the charming place is called town. and the period is part of the title, so don’t forget it. 😉 if the rumour that their menu changes up frequently is in fact accurate, i may make it official.  in the meantime, here is what i had for lunch the other day with a friend.


maple-braised pork belly with caramelized onions, pear, and bacon bits on a bed of brussel sprout leaves… and my favourite thing we ordered — it was just heavenly!


rabbit tacos with some kind of amazing salsa and a creamy mild cheese… shredded carrots, pepitas, scallions, and some other deliciousness.  and hey – don’t judge me.


shrimp po’ boy… done a little differently, but still good. shrimp was super tasty as well as the homemade sweet potato chips, and the perfectly dill/sweet combo pickles were also excellent.

i tell ya one thing – i cannot wait to go back for dinner!!!!!!! 😀

aaannnnd, i really want to take pictures of/for them!  

two restaurants i miss most from NYC – and i shoulda been a food critic!

16 Jun

goodness, do i miss new york.

did you know i lived there? — for 3 years. i miss it every day.  mostly, when i reflect – i realize that what i miss the most is the diversity… in everything. people, culture, music, views, buildings, art, sounds, lights, and most of all – food.

i lived right in the heart of lower manhattan, surrounded by {in my humble opinion}, the best food ever. Continue reading

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