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{thirsty thursday – aloe juice}

11 Jul


do you know how amazing aloe vera is?! do a little research and find out for yourself how many benefits there are from drinking this incredible stuff!

i’ve been drinking it to help with hydration and skin ailments.  i just mix mine with some apple juice since it’s a little bitter on its own.  it was suggested to me to buy the “inner fillet” part of the aloe – for a few reasons including the fact that it is easier to digest.


i drink 2 ounces in juice twice a day and it just makes me feel good knowing i’m drinking something so good for my body.  here are a few key benefits from drinking aloe {which by the way, you can also totally throw in your smoothies, dan! – you’re welcome ;)} :

– supports digestion

– anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal

– helps reduce inflammation

– natural weight loss aid

– great for the skin!

{natural insomnia aid : audrey michelle’s tart cherry tonic}

10 Jun


a little secret about me : i have battled with insomnia for about half my life.

i’ve gone back and forth in my head — “claiming it” by owning it and being honest {as i’ve done here}, invoking the law of attraction by saying “i sleep great!” – both seem to have the same effect… i’ve tried melatonin, valerian root and other random herbs, about 5 different kinds of mattresses, yoga, prayer, meditation, sleepy tea, alcohol, and a variety of other remedies to help in my battle.  i even tried some feng shui to encourage the right energy during bedtime… i tried one or two prescription drugs but absolutely hated the side-effects and the dopey feeling the next day… one of them even gave me wacky lucid dreams, almost nightmares… i once tried to “donate my body to science” by participating in an insomnia-related study, but i didn’t qualify because i hadn’t tried enough prescription drugs… over-the-counter remedies help in the short-term, but that stuff is so bad for your liver and i also worried about dependency… i have to board up my windows and sleep with a mask usually, and that is in part due to my late work hours… i know i’m reasonably young but i’m not getting any younger and i’m at that age where this kind of crap is super important to me now.  i don’t need to get 8-10 hours every night, but what i do need is to STAY asleep during the night.

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