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{featured produce of the week : organic purple carrots}

1 Jul

locally grown here – they don’t call us colourful colorado for nothin’

although my favourite colour, tender, and still yummy when eaten raw, i prefer purple carrots steamed with a smidgen of maple syrup.  actually, what i do is –

chop them up into roughly 1/2 inch pieces. add enough water to cover the carrots to the pan and boil {covered} on medium high heat until the carrots begin to soak up the water. i don’t even add any butter or oil, because these things are so good without it.  add in more water {or veggie stock for extra flavour} if necessary, but basically you want the carrots to almost glaze, and then add in a tiny bit of good quality maple syrup toward the end.

they are so yummy cooked this way.  i would like to try to peel them thinly and use them almost like a pasta – or perhaps i’ll run them through the food processor, but i do think i need to buy an attachment for that…

and — purple carrots *kind of* resemble fireworks, eh?!  😉 Continue reading

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