{whatever wednesday : the aspen mac -n- cheese festival!}

11 Sep

so, i spent the {long} weekend on the western slope, my soul soaring with the rockies and the clouds.  my spirit begged to stay up there, so i obliged… which means i will need to return soon.


i’ll have much more to share about my trip later this week… for now, here’s a little story :

as i’m cruising the aspen saturday market, picking up some yummy wild plums and yellow cucumbers, i turn the corner and spot this large group :


it smells amazing… people look happy…


there are random lines everywhere…


and everyone is EATING!!!

my kind of party, i say… and i pause for this foto opp:




and i get distracted by the cool brick-laid sidewalks…


cuz yanno, i’m an artist… we see the world differently…

and then i hop in a line… where it’s going, i’m not sure.  there are just random lines everywhere.  what is this?!

“what line are we in?!” i ask the lady behind me, “i don’t even know anymore,” she replies giggling, holding her spork in her mouth…

then i spot this guy :


then i see these folks :


then i’m like, “can i take your foto?!” and they’re all like, “of course… and here is a cup and a spoon and a voting ticket – have fun!”

apparently, i had wandered into the aspen mac -n- cheese festival.  and it was perfect timing, as my tummy was growling!  there were almost 20 kinds to try… i grabbed what i could :


i probably should’ve paid more attention to what i was trying.  this was my first stop.  one of them had a tater-tot on top, the other was spicy with bacon in it.


then there was this – kind of like a beef stroganoff…


then it “sunny” rained…


for a good 20 minutes… so i just stood under cover and people-watched…


this girl don’t care…


and back to the sampling!  both of these were spicy.  i was a little underwhelmed…


but this one impressed me. i like the noodles they chose and anything with shrimp makes me happy…


but THIS… this was my favourite!  spiral noodles with a porcini mushroom sauce and truffle oil from Rustique… how can you go wrong?!

and i found out the next day from a local that this was the winner!


then this cool ambulance showed up…


then my artist eye came out again…


hi again…


mac -n- cheese!!!!!!


this just made me chuckle.  and sad, because i recalled my waitressing days… sigh.


then i met these lovely people.

then i went home… stuffed and happy.


3 Responses to “{whatever wednesday : the aspen mac -n- cheese festival!}”

  1. anthony0358 September 11, 2013 at 9:35 am #

    This looks pretty freakin awesome, love the photos , plus all the food , excellent


    • cooking with audrey September 11, 2013 at 9:41 am #

      i knew you’d like it, anthony! wish i could take you exploring like you did with me in your stomping ground. miss you and think of you often!!


  2. Chocolate Covered Race Medals September 11, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    Looks like the rain didn’t damper your parade, and made for some beautiful pictures actually! So much fun!


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