{harry & carrie – the spider and ladybug : bringing messages of protection, renewal, and gentle strength}

16 Nov

i have lots of animal energy surrounding me… i mean, we all do… we just have to pay attention and keep our hearts open.  i believe it’s one of the ways the universe speaks to us – through animal energy.  i’m one to notice patterns, almost obsessively, and therefore i can usually recognize when there is a message trying to reach me.

i saw dragonflies quite often during my meditations when i lived in denver. dragonfly’s message is about transformation and seeing through life’s illusions… which was so fitting for what i was experiencing at the time.

lately i’ve been seeing lots of spiders.  i’ve always had spiders around me… which used to totally freak me out.  *quiver* who likes spiders?! anyway – over the years i kept seeing them and i found myself actually photographing them quite a bit.  i’m fascinated by their intricate webs and their stillness. and spider’s message is one of creativity – to weave our own web of destiny… and to be patient during the process 🙂


harry the spider


i’ve also been seeing lots of ladybugs, which is odd considering the season. actually – during my first few weeks here, i found at least 2 dead ladybugs… one was on top of my stuff when i was packing up my old apartment to leave denver, and the other was found when i was UNpacking in my new home… talk about symbolism!  especially when i found out that ladybugs represent transformation and new beginnings.  every season, entire generations give birth to new life and also die off in the process – the ladybug’s ultimate message is one of renewal, peace, and protection.

i was so tickled when in that same week, i found this baby ladybug in my house. alive and doing fine!  it was my personal message of renewal, of releasing the past, and starting new.


carrie the ladybug



both creatures offer messages of protection and gentle strength.  you’ve often heard of spiders in this reference, “they’re more scared of you than you are of them.”  yet, they don’t LOOK scared, do they? they’re very strong, in a gentle way. and same with the ladybugs – gentle, harmless, protected by that outer shell.

do you have any multi-legged friends hanging around, sending you messages?!  please share… and have a great {love-filled} weekend!

2 Responses to “{harry & carrie – the spider and ladybug : bringing messages of protection, renewal, and gentle strength}”

  1. Anthony Mark November 16, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    I love this, the photos are amazing and I love Animals, all of them, I have to think about their energy. Sometimes early in the morning, I see a Possum, right here on the Brooklyn Streets. I try to stay as a far away as I can, but I do notice that they are such beautiful animals, and I wonder how they feel being around all the concrete. Plus I always check for large Ants when I sit down on a park bench, just love watching them walk around


  2. Anna November 19, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

    Love love love this. Xoxo


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