whew, that was a long 26,000-year nap! time to get real…

24 Dec

merry christmas everyone, and happy solstice!  how did you all celebrate and bring in the new age?  i was surrounded by divine love and light and magic. the finger of god* was literally pointing right at me. was this one as intense, lovely, and spiritual for you all as it was for me?!  i mean, truly.  an ending and a beginning – a transformative experience that has changed me forever. i will never again be the same.  and thank the heavens for that! 🙂

i am sure some of you may be looking forward to a “meatless monday” post this chilly december morning.  however, i have decided to take the rest of the year off from blogging, so i can reflect on the last year of my life.  i may be doing a lot of writing, but i needed to pause from the blog in order to not feel like i’m neither neglecting it nor burning myself out.

quite a journey this extremely old soul has been on.  i have been feeling all kinds of shifts and changes within my body, mind, and spirit.  it’s only been amplified over the last week or so.  perhaps one day i will write about what exactly it is i experienced on the fateful day of december 21, 2012*.  but for now, it is resonating in my soul and it feels as if i’m vibrating, like a tuning fork. and it’s not just in my head – people are noticing.  i’m effecting things… and people.

just yesterday alone, i had three strangers comment on my “energy” :

– “you have this look on your face… as if you just let out this HUGE exhale…”

– “well, you just got it going on, don’t ya?  you’re a beautiful soul…”

– “you look great, you have a different colour to you – you are glowing… you look – CLEAN!”


“thanks for noticing” is how i would respond 🙂

i don’t want this blogpost to sound like a boastful “look at audrey in all her greatness” manifesto.  what i do want to do is honor the change that i have undergone and am going through.  i want to recognize and honor the love within myself that i have been seemingly incessantly searching for ways to share over the course of many many lifetimes.  i want to give thanks to the universe, god, and all the energy that has surrounded us over the last week and thus sent incredible changes throughout our beings and our planet.  i have been waiting for this shift for what feels like forever.  i remember even as far back as like 2006, i was saying that “something BIG is around the corner!” and this past week, i really did feel as if i let out a huge exhale, i felt as if a circle had finally completed. i feel like i stepped into my true essence and hence my light is shining brighter than ever.

and “this little light of mine” — isn’t even mine.  it’s the light of the Source of all things – LOVE.  and… “i’m gonna let it shine”

for my entire life, i’ve felt different – i mean REALLY different. why do i care so much?  – i would ask myself.  why do i constantly care if people “like me”? why do i want others to do good things, too and like everyone, too?  why have i always felt like i was meant for something greater than me?  why have i always felt like i had this great purpose to fulfill – and not just inventing a new toy or running for government office or winning the gold medal for underwater-basket-weaving.  i’m talking about something BIGGER than my life itself.

well, i have sort of spoken about that before – and it still rings true… my purpose is to LOVE.  how can it not be?  we ARE love.  and so the reason i “cared” so much is because i just want to share this light and divine love with all life so we can live in harmony and use the earth for what it was intended for – a glorious garden of a playground.

oh – and your purpose is the same. 🙂

so i implore you all – in this new age of enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and collective conscious growth – choose love over fear.  it’s the only choice we have anymore.  and it’s also a choice-less choice, really.  the two cannot exist together.  we have a unique opportunity to manifest the world we want to live in. old paradigms and structures are ceasing to work and therefore are failing at a rapid rate.  people are “waking up” to their true potential within and although this won’t be the easiest of transitions, we are MORE THAN ready for it.  i have seen how my thoughts can effect those around me and i have seen how my energy effects the collective.  i know you have been witness to that, too.  so dig deep into your heart and ask it what it wants.  i promise you it will never mislead you… and i can almost guarantee that if we all opened up, we’d see that we all actually want the same thing – LOVE.

so, go be it. be what you are – be LOVE!

happy new era!


and please, comment below on how you’re feeling lately.  i’d love to hear about any changes you are experiencing, and shifting in your personal life, anything that may seem “weird” to you is not in the slightest weird to me, so let’s open the gates and talk it out – release what we don’t need, and get to the LOVING!!!!

*i wish to add that i haven’t sited any sources for where i find information regarding the mayan calendar, ascension, astrology, spirituality, or the like.  the truth is i want you all to find you own truth and on your own path in your own time.  i’m passionate about what i’ve discovered from life and i want to share it, but i also want to provide the love and space for each person to grow in their own pace. i’m not a doctor or even a published writer.  i have no credentials with which to impress you and make you believe what i say or write.  but, we live in an amazing world with the information superhighway at our fingertips.  the only thing i wish to say is to keep an open heart when receiving any information from anywhere – and in the words of my favourite band, barenaked ladies – “i don’t buy everything i read, i haven’t even read everything i bought”  

and in the words of the 80’s band, roxette – “LISTEN TO YOUR HEART” : only, i think the lyrics should be “listen to your heart.. when IT’S calling for you… listen to your heart, before… you tell IT goodbye…”


One Response to “whew, that was a long 26,000-year nap! time to get real…”

  1. anthony0358 December 24, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Audrey!
    NYC misses you very much. I would say that I am feeling pretty good. I have my health, so I am feeling blessed


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